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Creative Directives to Increase Business Values

Raman Financial Service Development Group was registered in the State Organization for Registration of Deeds and properties at 2016 November 1st with the registration number 14006289474. The company which is briefly called “Raman Financial Group” has been created with a team of financial and investment experts in order to reach following goals:

1- Preparing Iranian companies to partnership with local and foreign investors in order to enter local and foreign markets

Most of the local companies in Iran Lacks seamless and comprehensive systems and financial strategic plans. In order to survive, expand and enter into local and international markets they need new local or foreign shareholders. With financial reconstruction and preparing short time and longtime strategic financial plans and delivering them to the local and forging partners, Raman Financial Group can build up the passage for new local and foreign investors and also make it easier for the company to be accepted in local or international trading venues.

2- Providing analytical reports and required services to local and foreign investors in order to attract them to enter Iranian capital market

To enter Iranian click here to investigate capital market, the foreign investors need exact, accurate and dependable information. Since the ground financial statements in the accepted companies are based on Iranian national accounting standards and the international financial reporting is not practicing in Iran, Raman Financial Group tries its best to support foreign investors in this lucrative market by preparing fundamental analysis reports according to the accepted company’s rate in the stock market.

Our Vision:

To reach the first rate in worthiness creating in the country financial service industry and investment.

Our Mission:

To improve financial service and investment to gain permanent profit and to maximize economic establishments.